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White Truffle

(Tuber magnatum Pico)

White truffle

Peridot: smooth, light yellow, sometimes with greenish or yellowish hues .

Serfdom: yellowish colour with hazelnut or brown tones, sometimes even redish, crossed by a dense texture of thin white veins.

Shape: it varies from rounded, lobed, or decisively flattened, according to the type of soil in which it grows.

Dimensions: extremely variable, from hectograms to over one kilo in weight.

Ripening period: from September to December.

Indicative price: the most expensive truffle  due to its characteristics but also because the request far exceeds the product availability.

The White Truffle in the kitchen: because of it's intense scent, which reminds methane or fermented cheese, it can be eaten raw on hot dishes.

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