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White Spring Truffle

(Tuber borchii Vitt.) AKA "Bianchetto"

White spring truffle

Peridot: smooth, light in colour, ranging from white-ochre to reddish.

Serfdom: brownish with large and numerous white veins.

Shape: variable, tending to be rounded if the truffle has grown in sandy soil.

Dimensions: the average size of this truffle is rather small, like a hazelnut, but it can reach the size of a hen's egg.

Ripening period: from January to April.

Indicative price: generally low, given the small size.

The White Spring Truffle, called 'Marzuolo' in Italy, in the kitchen: the decisive aroma, with garlicky tones, and the strong and lasting flavour make it suitable for various dishes.

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