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Black Summer Truffle

(Tuber aestivum) AKA "Scorzone"

Black Summer Truffle

Peridot: formed by protruding warts, coarse and pointed at the tip, black in colour.

Serfdom: hazelnut colour with yellowish hues, crossed by highly branched and fine white veins.

Shape: generally rounded.

Dimensions: the Summer Truffle, called 'Scorzone' in Italy, has a rather large average size and some truffles can reach half a kilo in weight.

Ripening period: from June to November.

Indicative price: the cheapest truffle in the market because, despite its remarkable size, it is often marketed immature, when it doesn't produce its typical delicate mushroom aroma.

The Summer truffle in the kitchen: since it has a faint scent, it is used as a basis for preparations and along with other ingredients.

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