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Black Truffle

The best place to fall in love 
is in front of a plate full of fresh truffles

About us

It all started from the desire of building something together, a family business.

Because of our love for authentic, fresh, tasty and natural products, it was clear we had to create a partnership with Mother Nature.

Part of our family have been truffle hunters for many generations and they succeeded in creating an incredible bond with our dogs, who are part of The Truffle Family.

All together, we bring truffles from our land to your hand.

The Truffle Family
Fresh Truffle

We are proud of...

The quality of our products, which are 100% from Italy.

We don't have the "middle man", we dig out truffles and send them directly to you. This helps reduce time, keep our products fresh, and lower the impact on the planet.

That's where our motto 'From our land to your hand' comes from.

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